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" -ITZ " Fishing Control Acessories

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Our ITZ products are revolutionary designs to improve the quality of fishing. Made of hard rubber they are virtually weightless but extremly durable. They agressivly grip you line to keep your weights and baits in place!

STOP-ITZ - Weight Peg Easy to apply and will not fray your line. Works on 1.5oz weights and up to 20# test monofilament diameter or braid equavilant. Locks your weight in place for ultimate placement control. Availble in Standard Pack or 5x Tournament Pack.

RIG-ITZ - Smaller size peg - idea for pegging small weights, protecting Knots from abrassion, or as a bobber stop. Work great to create a stop for MOJO style weights or to peg a Jethros Diamond Bead 6 to 8 inches in front of a Jethro Triple M Fluke of the effect of a flashing fry under chase!

And Our New
SNUG-ITZ Bait Protection Cone - Snug-ITZ easily slides on your line before tying your hook to protect the nose of the bait from pull back when fishing cover. Virtually weight-less, Snug-itz firmly grips the line in front of the bait and absorbs the contact with the cover and allowing the bait not to slide down the hook. The Snug-it extends the life of soft plastic baits and greatly reduces the chance of getting hung up in the cover.

" -ITZ " Fishing Control Acessories
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STOP-ITZ 5X Tounament Pack Hard Rubber Weght Pegs - Black- 90ct

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RIG-ITZ Standard Pack Hard Rubber Pegs - Black- 18ct

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Bump-Itz Shock Beads 8MM Black 12ct.


ITZ - TRAIL PACK9 - Stop-itz,9-Rig-itz,4 Snug-itz,4 Bump-itz